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Stud Dogs

Cnocnafeille Mission at Folkvang: MISSION

Mission is the long awaited new stud boy in the family. He was a bit of a mission to get home, as he was bred in Lockerbie in Scotland, but unlike many a pandemic dog, his joining us was a long planned affair. He was lucky enough to spend a few months with the ACEMAN before Ace sadly died, but I think his spirit lives on. Mission is growing into a superb young dog, eager to please, a REAL hit with all the dogs he meets and he flirts outrageously. His early venture into agility is looking very promising.
Born: 10/03/2020
DNA test - prcd-PRA : Hereditary Clear
DNA test - FN : Hereditary Clear
DNA test - AMS : Hereditary Clear
PLA Grade 0 – 01.09.2020
BVA Annual Eye Certificate: Unaffected ; 01/09/2020
Elbow Dysplasia Scheme: grade 0 March 2021
Hip Dysplasia Scheme; 6/8


Shadowsquad Dead Certainty At Folkvang: TAU

I fell in love with his face, however he is very much not just a pretty face. He is very easy to train, placed third in his first open show when only just 6 months, and continues to be the most positive and biddable boy. He is eager to please and a joy to work and live with.
Qualified for Crufts 2015
D.O.B 17.10.2013
COI 13.1%
BVA Eye Certificate; Clear - 06/08/2019
BVA Hips; 5:7=12
BVA Elbows; 0
prcd PRA by DNA; Clear, not affected
CNM by DNA; Clear, not affected
EIC by DNA; Carrier, not affected, must only be used on bitches that are tested clear.
Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen; Bronze Award.


Shepherds Showman at Folkvang: SMUDGE

Smudge joined us in the Autumn of 2017, and his kind soul and enthusiasm for anything I ask of him is truly wonderful for a teenage hooligan! He has just started his agility training, but can ignore live bunnies a few feet away just to be with me.
D.O.B. 24.02.2017
DNA test - CNM - Clear - 26/02/18
DNA test - EIC - Clear - 26/02/18
DNA test - SD2 - Clear - 26/02/18
DNA test - HNPK - Clear - 26/02/18
BVA/KC Elbow Dysplasia Scheme - 0 - 10/08/2018
BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme - 2/3 = 5 - 10/08/2018
BVA Eye Certificate; Clear 06/08/2019
prcd PRA: Clear